Alexander Tauscher, a pianist of magnificent talent and personality has concertized throughout North America, Europe and Asia as a soloist and teacher. Coming from a family of musicians, father being a pianist and mother a violinist, his extensive training at the early age of three has contributed to his development as a world class musician. Alexander’s repertoire is versatile spanning all time periods. Being a performer and also an instructor, Alexander has musical insights and knowledge/experience in all areas of classical music. He believes the best performers are the ones not only with music talent/dedication in their instrument, but the ones also willing to share their musical insights with the future through teaching and mentoring others.

Alexander thanks his esteemed mentors Jack Winerock and Phillip Kawin for providing him with the musical knowledge to succeed both as a performer and teacher. Alexander has competed and succeeded in numerous piano competitions such as the MTNA competitions, and in the past performed with the Kansas City Symphony alongside the distinguished Michael Stern. Alexander studied and obtained his masters degree at the Manhattan School of Music and is currently a pianist/instructor at Tauscher Music and married to his beloved Ana Vican Tauscher. For more information on piano lessons please email alec@tauschermusic.com  or call 913-800-1901.